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Private: Regine Verougstraete

Regine Verougstraete Biography

Born in Brussels, Belgium

Lives and works in Los Angeles, California

Regine Verougstraete was born in Brussels, Belgium, and moved to Los Angeles in 1994. Verougstraete studied painting, animation, and experimental art at the renown Angewandte fur Moderne Kunst in Vienna, Austria. Her works have been shown in Vienna, Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, and South Pasadena. She is also a psychic healer, who channels art work for people. Regine Verougstraete’s water color paintings often depict figures in dreamlike settings, which seem to come from the depth of her inner space.


2006-2010     Barbara Brennan School of Energy Healing, BBSH

1989-90         Study with Attersee in the Angewandte fur Moderne Kunst, Vienna, Austria

1986-89         Study painting, animation, experimental art with Professor Maria Lassnig,

Angewandte fur Moderne Kunst, Vienna, Austria

1989-2001     Meditate on the heart with Revered Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari,  Sahaj Marg

1988                Study Shamanism and reflexology in Vienna

1985                Study illustration in Italy with Stepan Zavrel (Rugolo )

1980-84         Design studies and concept art, installations in Belgium with filip Roland,


2016              A Thousand Drawings for Growth, SPARC, South Pasadena, CA

2016              A Thousand Drawings for Growth, Apostelhof, Vienna, Austria

2011              Transition, Space Gallery, South Pasadena CA.

2005             Intimate beginnings, D2art. L.A.

1994               Chapelle des Brigittines, installation, Brussels

1992               Paintings and objects; Kunsthandler Cajetan Grill,Vienna

1992               Virgil Kapelle, installation, History Museum, Vienna

1990               Paintings; Unisys, Gallery Hieke; Vienna

1990               “Stainless Times” – artspace, Witzenhausen Meyerink, Amsterdam ( pub)



2012 -2016     Gallery Space, South Pasadena

2000-2009    Gallery Tirage, Pasadena

2008               With their own eyes, Former students of Maria Lassnig, Vienna-Austria

2006               The big C, in Hollywood, showing the movie Breast Y Solo

1997                Artists on ranch, Reuhof, Austria, (pub.)

1996               Red Dynamo, Sonce Leroux, Paris

1994                A propos Portret, DeBeurs van Berlage, Amsterdam

1993                Zierschlacht, Tecknisches Museum der Stadt Wien (pub.)

1992                Fruit de la Passion, Gallery Stelling, Leiden

1991                 A propos Portret, DeBeurs van Berlage, Amsterdam
1991                 Irregular purity, Installation, Matznerg.,Vienna (with Andreas Scharf)

1991                 Stadt Museum, St. Poelten
1991                 Kunst im Oeffentlichen Raum, Steirischer herbst ’91

1990                 Kochi 1990, Vienna/Kochi (Japan)
1990                 Avantparcours” artspace, Witzenhausen Meyerink, Amsterdam

1989                 Meister Klasse Maria Lassnig, Heiligen Kreuzerhof, Vienna  (pub.)

1987                  “Hypnodrom”Bourse de Vienne (cur. Daniel Spoerri) (pub.)