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Michael Jacyna

Michael Jacyna Biography


Michael Jacyna, the Polish-born, Czech-raised artist, began drawing caricatures at age six, later expanding to posters and other artistic exploration, and onto advanced art education in the Czech Republic.

Following his formal education, Jacyna moved to Prague where, in addition to art, he focused on a lifelong practice of martial arts, opening his first Aikido studio at age 18. His artistic approach parallels Aikido philosophy – action-reaction. With no premeditated plan he begins by doing. Art erupts on the canvas in a chain reaction – a battle from brushstroke to pour to scratch.

In 2003, Jacyna moved to Los Angeles, CA. The city’s distinctive nature has continued to shape his style and expression. While reluctant to categorize his work, he notes this reluctance may come from an uneasy relationship with boundaries. In his art he attacks them, pushing past the perimeters of the canvas, defying limitations, and in the process continually redefining his artistic identity and, ultimately, what we see.