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Keegan Gibbs


Born in Los Angeles, Keegan Gibbs’ work is often an abstract tangible result of meditating to find a balance between the hustle and bustle of the city and the tranquility of the ocean. His introduction into visual arts came with photography, initially as photo journalism, which then parlayed into documentary films, then back into using photography as his medium for the exploration of conceptual art, but not limited to, as he works with sculpture, mix media and painting as well as owns and runs a beer company, House Beer.

Keegan lives and works in Los Angeles.


Solo Exhibitions

2014 – Zuma – Downstairs Gallery, Sydney, Australia

2014 – Zuma – Corner Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

2011 – Open Space – Known Gallery, Los Angeles, USA

2009 – See Water – Ziegler Gallery, San Francisco USA


Select Group Exhibitions

2014 – #RVCATWFSL – Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

2013 – The WFSL – Seventh Letter Gallery, Los Angeles, USA

2013 – Caravan – Art Park Gallery, Byron Bay, Australia

2013 – Caravan 2 – Magic Johnston Studios, Melbourne, Australia