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The Garden Party

Matthew Heller, Untiled Plant #1
Acrylic on Canvas

The Garden Party

May 7, 2019, Inglewood, CA – D2 Art, Inc., is pleased to announce a joint exhibition of garden-themed works by Los Angeles artists, Matthew Heller and Tony Brown.

The intimate collection of the artists’ recent work shows a natural imagery (florals) as the focal point. The exhibit serves as a juxtaposition of two unique artist approaches:  that when in a shared space – inspired conversation of a universal artist parallel.

MATTHEW HELLER (b. 1974) – Matthew Heller has a simple approach. Reducing otherwise extraneous elements to their bare bones – the painter serves as a vessel for the unknown. With little premeditation, each element is a building block – leading to layers that are both organic and free of personal narrative. Often by way of type and simplified forms, Matthew creates emotional experience that explores human condition with the least amount of visual information.

TONY BROWN (b. 1970) – Tony Brown gives method to the madness. Utilizing mostly found items, the multi-disciplinarian gives life to the discarded. At first glance, the work is unassuming. It is up close that a more profound process is revealed. The artist is meticulous in execution: choosing (and then crafting) each element from hand – with no framework other than the medium itself. Each element serves a purpose – nothing by way of coincidence or chance. By deconstructing said forms, Tony repurposes these objects in a way that gives meaning to both him and the item alike.

Tony Brown, Untitltled Woman
Print on Paper

Opening Reception:

May 11, 2019, 4:00-8:00pm