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Maarten de Boer Biography


Born in Scotland

Maarten de Boer is a Los Angeles based Celebrity Photographer, who’s work has been published around the world.  His deeply personal portraits include celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Halle Berry and many many more.  His Polaroid Series is a nontraditional exploration in color and light using the disappearing medium of polaroid film.

Maarten’s Polaroid series was, like most things, born out of a mistake. In the pre-digital world, photographers would need to shoot a Polaroid before shooting their film to test the light.  Having accidently exposed a pack of Polaroid to light and ruining his test shot, he peeled away the chemical layer and found something wonderful.  The polaroid was rich with color, tones of orange, yellows, and light white.  Most people would have discarded the accident and moved on but Maarten held on to this tiny piece of art and stored it.  Years later he came across it again and decided to replicate it.  After trial and error, Maarten realized that he could manipulate the Polaroid by varying exposure, time, and source of light.  Creating subtle color shifts and patterns.  The endless combinations inspired him to continue create.  The final product is a true scan of the original polaroid, printed larger, floating in a frame, so you can enjoy the uninterrupted subtle shifts of color and tone.